LottoBlock, creating a DAO community of lucky games

LottoBlock, creating a DAO community of lucky games

LottoBlock, a new project in the Web3 space based on the Etherchain, is a community for lucky games based on blockchain technology development, aiming to build an open, transparent and fair entertainment platform through the path of DAO governance.

With the concept of co-construction and sharing in the crypto field, to meet the fast entertainment needs of web3 users in their leisure time

LottoBlock is extremely easy and friendly to participate in, as Web3 users can easily and flexibly access the platform by simply logging in to the website or using the application plug-in that has been integrated into the official Telegram community. LottoBlock also offers an automated game bot, which allows players to set up a game plan in advance, thus avoiding the possibility of missing out on the distribution of important prizes within the game.

This is a common situation for Web3 players when they have spare time, but there is no product that allows them to play in a very short time. Such as when waiting for public transportation, when eating alone, during lunch break, etc. LottoBlock offers players a “quick game” mode of participation, which allows players to complete a full game process in just 5 minutes, with only the mainstream cryptocurrency to participate.

Committed to building the first real sense of lucky game DAO community

LottoBlock is dedicated to the creation of a decentralized game ecology DAO community. In the core “Lucky Prize” game module, the process and results of each round of the game are set up so that players can verify the model through the blockchain’s random number generation rules, striving for complete transparency and data traceability of the game process. The DAO fund will accomplish its mission by maintaining a stable prize pool, rewarding users for their behavior in the community, and promoting the community’s user base.

LottoBlock upholds the concept of “everyone can participate, value can be shared”, and further implements a practical DAO realization path, users can participate in activities, assist in promotion, exchange purchases and other ways to participate in the platform asset rewards, and the community will also set the ecological governance participation and scope weight according to the proportion of the user’s asset holdings, so that players can continue to share the benefits of DAO, and ultimately realize the DAO ecological construction.

Community Co-Building Ambassador Partnership Program Coming Soon

Recently, LottoBlock will fully launch the community building ambassador cooperation program, introducing ambassadors from different language regions to jointly promote the development of LottoBlock’s community ecology.Through the localized language service capability, it will also be more conducive to users’ further understanding of the project, and further optimize the product and platform experience by combining the different needs of users in each region.

LottoBlock will also provide convenient management tools such as promotion system, reward system, and ambassador tools applicable to the ambassador development community to promote further prosperous development of the community.

In the future, LottoBlock will introduce more partners who are interested in the decentralized lucky game field to jointly launch OG plan, early bird plan and regular airdrop plan, and will also set more interesting gameplay and liquidity staking on the side of platform function according to the trend of user growth.

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