Sichuan Mount Guangwu: New Development Engine is Activated by Integration of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Sichuan Mount Guangwu: New Development Engine is Activated by Integration of Culture, Sports and Tourism

This summer, a 18-year-old Chongqing boy Xiaojiang came to Mount Guangwu for the first time thank to a competitive qualification. In order to get acquainted with the circuit in advance, Xiaojiang came to Mount Guangwu one week before. During the week, except enjoying the competition, he went to Langou Valley riding path to experience the freedom of wind chasing, to the sub-plateau biker training base to watch the international standard of biker training, and to tick off all the scenic spots of Mount Guangwu, which leaves the trip with double wonderfulness and satisfaction.

In recent years, the Mount Guangwu national fitness campaign has been vigorously carried out and the public service system of national fitness has been constantly optimized. With the active coordination of Nuoshuihe Demonstration Area of Integrated Development of Culture and Tourism in Mount Guangwu, Bazhong, many international and domestic major events have been successfully held and undertaken. At the same time, the national fitness competitions around the masses have been greatly enriched, not only pushing the local residents out of their homes, but also attracting many sports lovers from all over the country to the Mount Guangwu. Struggle hard on the field while enjoying a sightseeing tour outside the field, “sports + tourism” is developing with integration and shared platforms. The national fitness events have injected a momentum into the “sports +” mode and have become a new engine to activate urban development.

High-quality Events are the Momentum of Tourism Consumption

Speaking of the most notable sports events in Mount Guangwu this year, the 2023 Third “Bashan Shushui·Sports in Sichuan and Chongqing” Consumption Season of Sports, Tourism and Leisure & “Chengdu-Chongqing Sports Industry Alliance Cup” Summer Forest Half Marathon in Mount Guangwu, Sichuan “Run all over Sichuan” (Bazhong Station) (hereinafter referred to as “2023 Sichuan Mount Guangwu Summer Forest Half Marathon “) cannot be excluded.

With the arrival of this contest, the consumer market of Mount Guangwu has received a warm response. During the competition, more than 5000 marathon lovers from home and abroad gathered in Mount Guangwu. They were all “quick winners” who won the online registration and expected to come to Mount Guangwu. In those days, the occupancy rate of Mount Guangwu Scenic Area and its surrounding hotels reached a record high, and catering merchants received “soft hands” and long lines of diners. Walk along the meticulous Guangwu Food Street, no matter the chewy Moonharp-flavor Beef, the fresh spicy Chanzui Ginger Chicken, or the Yellow Sheep Hotpot with Guangwu characteristics, the food stores are full of runners and their family members and friends. Many merchants have not even waited for the closing time, and the ingredients have been sold out on the day.

Opened in this hot summer, the 2023 Sichuan Mount Guangwu Summer Forest Half Marathon has not only been the hot spot around runners, but also placed many “reservation orders” for the tourism market of Mount Guangwu next year. When more than 5000 runners used their footsteps to measure the world’s fairy land, Demonstration Area for Nuoshuihe Integrated Culture and Tourism Development in Mount Guangwu of Bazhong’s meticulous event organization and service also gave a lot of runners rejoicing. After the race, they had been consulting the organizing committee whether it would be held next year, looking forward to meeting with Mount Guangwu again.

Mr. Hu from Shaanxi can be said to have participated in the contest together for three generations this time. Many contestants also brought their family and friends to Mount Guangwu, the number of more than 5000 is merely contestants. According to the organizing committee of the event, participating in the marathon is not only a breakthrough of self, but also a trip with family and friends as to many runners. Most runners came to the spot one week or three days in advance, they would also visit and play in the local area before or after the competition, which brought good benefits to the surrounding hotels, restaurants and scenic spots.

According to the referee representative of The 2023 Sichuan Mount Guangwu Summer Forest Half Marathon, due to the reputation of “Spring azalea, summer cool, autumn red leaves, winter rime” in Mount Guangwu, many runners want to take part in the competition in Mount Guangwu, and the number of applicants is more than expected. Even after the registration, many runners still call to inquire whether to increase the number of applicants. “The event was organized well and the circuit planning was great, both for viewing and dissemination. “The referee said in an interview after the match. He also expected that it should be more popular in the Next year’s games.  

The Construction of High-quality Projects Adds Vitality to Sports Tourism

In recent years, the scale of China’s sports industry has been constantly expanded, which has become a new growth point of economic development. In 2021 alone, the added value of the sports industry has reached nearly one eighth of the financial industry and one quarter of the cultural industry, showing the development potential of the new economic growth points. In order to further promote the consumption of sports industry, the rich and colorful excellent sports events have become an important point to promote the integration of culture, sports and tourism, and to stimulate sports consumption.

Up to now, the Mount Guangwu Summer Forest Marathon has been successfully held for 2 times, and it has become one of the brand business cards of Mount Guangwu in Bazhong with the continuous improvement of the quality and the influence. The person in charge of the New Area said that the holding of the Mount Guangwu Summer Forest Marathon can not only play a good demonstration and leading role, and promote the common development of sports and tourism projects in the region, but also a beautiful victory for the integrated development of culture, sports and tourism in New Area. Now if ask what is the summer charm of Mount Guangwu? It is the summer marathon-racing that must be mentioned besides the cool summer.

Nuoshuihe Demonstration Area of Integrated Development of Culture and Tourism in Mount Guangwu, Bazhong was officially established in 2021, which laid the foundation for Mount Guangwu to become a sports tourism destination together with more vitality. Since the founding of the Demonstration Area, Mount Guangwu Scenic Area, which is endowed with resources, has been “greatly reformed” in addition to constantly introducing and organizing high-quality competitions. With the advantage of “a cool summer”, Mount Guangwu has built an Extreme Theme Park suitable for parent-child sports tourism. Thanks to the characteristics and location advantages of the sub-plateau area, the sub-plateau wheeler training base of Mount Guangwu has been completed. With the rise of cycling fever, and renovation and put-into-use of the cycling roads at the Large and Small Langou Valleys, sports activities have also become a sign to attract the public going for Mount Guangwu.

At present, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the public’s demand of sports tourism is also increasing day by day. The integration of physical and tourism travel has been pressed with the “acceleration key.” To develop sports tourism for each place, “push new ideas” is a must. The person in charge of Nuoshuihe Demonstration Area of Integrated Development of Culture and Tourism in Mount Guangwu, Bazhong said that the New Area will be further exploited its potentialities next, carefully built fine sports tourism projects with the characteristics of Mount Guangwu, and constantly expanded the “new track” to attract more people arriving Mount Guangwu and participating in it, giving full play to the leading and driving role of national fitness for “sports +”  to promote the high-quality development of sports tourism in Bazhong and even in Sichuan Province.