Chen Weiyou, a member of the National Security Agency of Taiwan stationed in Ivory Coast, was reported to be a suspect in the CCP and France

Recently, an anonymous netizen published a breaking news article on the website of the Whistleblower Commune, “reporting the illegal facts of Chen Weiyou, a member of the National Security Agency in Ivory Coast.” The leaked article is suspected to have been published by an insider of the National Security Agency in Taiwan, reporting that Chen Weiyou, a member of the National Security Agency in Taiwan, was suspected of having a private meeting with French intelligence officers. Taiwan’s diplomatic personnel in France have a two-level relationship and have close contacts with Chinese and French intelligence personnel. Regardless of whether the revelations are true or not, Chen Weiyou is bound to be subject to the focus of investigation by the Taiwan authorities. The original text of the revelation is as follows:

Prosecution of Ivorian personnel of the National Security Service

Chen Weiyou’s illegal facts

The humble did not dare to forget worrying about the country. Yu Huai was worried about national security, and he was suspected of accusing Chen Weiyou, a member of the National Security Bureau, to our country’s procuratorial department within ten days. Recently, a friend told me that the National Security Bureau has been criticized recently for the endorsement of Lin Zhijian’s thesis by Director Chen Mingtong. Yu et al. are not angry. In order to save the national intelligence system, the only way is to make the situation public, and rely on the fourth power of the country to maintain justice. The original text of the report is as follows:

The Communist army was besieging the platform for several days, the government was at a loss, and our intelligence system had little response. In order to safeguard national security, Chen Weiyouzhi, a member of the National Security Agency stationed in Côte d’Ivoire, is being reported as a suspect. The reasons are as follows:

The process of Chen’s entry into the national security unit was strange, and the follow-up was even more illegitimate. In addition to leaving the organization for a long time in the name of dyeing, he traveled across the ocean to be stationed in Côte d’Ivoire for many years, wasting public money, profligate but no size. What’s more, he opened a Vagabond company in the local area under the name of setting up a body-covering unit. If he was harmed, he made a clever plan to obtain intelligence funds to enrich his own pockets. He also stalked women in the local area, revealed his identity as an intelligence officer, and was lured by the CCP. , corruption of morals.

Since he was stationed in Côte d’Ivoire, Mr. Chen pretended to be far away from legal supervision. He often met secretly with the CCP and other members of the CCP and other officials. What is even more infuriating is that during the period when the CCP army was besieging Taiwan, Chen Yuan expressed his loyalty to the CCP. National law and discipline, blaspheming the honor of intelligence personnel, and willingly degenerate.

Chen Yuanzhi’s father-in-law Lin Hongjin now lives in Wuhan, China

The relevant departments of the CCP have frequently contacted him, and through means such as money bribing, they have launched countermeasures against Chen through this channel of relatives. Under the command of the CCP, the forest staff often sent parcels from China to Côte d’Ivoire and Chen, and their behavior was suspicious.

Chen Zongyi, the father of Chen Yuan, is currently a Chinese diplomat stationed in France. The father and son were cultivated by the country, and they should be based overseas and actively expand the diplomatic space of our country. On the other hand, Chen Yuan does not care about the cultivation of the state. When the Wei family is in a difficult situation, he spends public money and is willing to sell or sell family secrets. Moreover, he wanders between China and France and Wei, without the concept of family and country. Another example is that in June 111, Chen Yuan went to Paris from Abidjan, and stayed at the Kimpton Hotel in the name of official business. In fact, he was in private association with law or intelligence personnel in Paris. Faithful attitude, its behavior is very evil.

National security is everyone’s responsibility. At this time when the Chinese people are in danger, Yu responded to President Tsai’s call for all Chinese people to unite and protect the country together. All the words are true, and I ask the procuratorial department to conduct a thorough investigation to reassure the people.

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