Decentralized Computing Network exaBITS receives support from Google for Startups Program

According to the exaBITS team, their project has recently received support from the Google for Startups Program. Through this program, Google provides selected high-quality startups with support including finance, expert guidance, Google Cloud services, technical training, and business expansion opportunities. It is noteworthy that Google will provide additional assistance to Web3 companies like exaBITS, offering stronger support in areas such as product planning, design, and industry ecosystem resources.

As a leading company in the IT industry, Google brings together top experts and resources in the field. On one hand, it supports its own business development, and on the other hand, it establishes a support system for technology startups. In recent years, Google has shown deep interest in the flourishing Web3 industry and has upgraded its Startups Program to cater specifically to Web3 startups. Among the participating companies in the program are well-known Web3 projects such as Alchemy, Aptos, Base, Celo, Flow, Hedera, Nansen, Nearby, Polygon, Solana, and thirdweb. These projects have become Google’s Web3 ecosystem partners, forming a closely connected ecosystem for supporting and collaborating on new Web3 projects.

exaBITS is a decentralized computing network for affordable AI at scale. exaBITS’ cutting-edge technology partitions large AI models and runs them on consumer-level GPUs. By adopting this technology and pooling distributed computing resources, exaBITS can reduce computing costs by over 80%. exaBITS is incubated by the Harvard Innovation Lab and the first and only Web3 project in its history. Backed by a global team from Harvard, Princeton, UC Berkeley, and UCLA, with working experiences at The White House, Microsoft, Meta, and the world’s largest decentralized physical infrastructure network, exaBITS is ready to work with all of our partners in the computing industry and make “Affordable AI” a reality.

As an important partner of exaBITS, Exascale Labs provides it with crucial technical support. By leveraging distributed cloud computing deployment, exaBITS can mobilize social forces to collectively build a cloud computing network that offers advantages such as lower costs, higher efficiency, uninterrupted operation, and unlimited scalability compared to traditional cloud services. The inclusion of exaBITS in the Google Startups Program holds significant meaning, as it establishes a channel for communication and collaboration between the Web2 and Web3 generations of cloud computing paradigms. Google’s top industry platform will also provide a broader stage for exaBITS.

In the long run, exaBITS’ products and technical solutions will be a strong complement to Google Cloud. With the rapid development of the AI industry, there is a need for cloud computing services that are more cost-effective, have greater capacity, and offer more flexibility. The distributed cloud computing technology of exaBITS can lower the financial and resource barriers required for AI, by transforming the centralized construction model prevalent in large enterprises into a distributed deployment solution accessible to everyone, thereby leveraging the power of the entire market to make it easy to adopt AI anywhere.