Web 3.0 Payment Solution Provider Pelo Completes $2 Million Seed Round Financing

On May 3, Pelo, a provider of Web 3.0 payment solutions headquartered in Singapore, announced the completion of a $2 million seed round of financing. It provides developers with Web3.0 payment solutions, including but not limited to Web3.0 wallets, Layer1 networks, and stablecoins. Currently, Pelo has completed the development of the Alpha version.

With the continuous improvement of supervision in the crypto field and the further compliance of the industry, the market is ready for traditional users to enter.

But at the technical level, the threshold of blockchain and cryptocurrency is too high for traditional users. So at this time, Pelo came into being.

Pelo provides a complete Web3.0 payment solution for application developers, allowing application users to experience Web3.0 without awareness of the blockchain.

Pelo has currently completed the Alpha phase, including but not limited to:

• Web3.0 for developer APIs

• Layer1 underlying network

At present, there are already multiple Developers participating in the test.

Web 2.0Conventional BlockchainPelo Web 3.0
LoginSocial mediaKey or Seed PhraseSocial Media
PaymentPassword ConfirmationCrypto Wallet TransferDigital Signature
SpeedVery highLowVery High
Network Fee0u0.1~5u0u
Withdrawal DifficultyLowVery HighLow
Service Fee0.1%1~20%0.1%
Quota limitStrictUnlimitedLoose

Official website: https://pelo.ai

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: 1(646)853-9137