Use financial innovation to support public welfare undertakings, and use team activities to warm the hearts of members

In this era full of changes and opportunities, there is such a charity team that uses strategic development and financial innovation in a charity model to bring members the possibility of income security and happiness in life. They are the Sunflower Charitable Foundation, a charitable organization full of love and hope.

Since its establishment in 2006, the Sunflower Charity Foundation has continuously expanded its innovative development space with the concept of keeping pace with the times. This fund combines modern charity and financial venture capital to achieve the growth of philanthropic capital by investing in the capital market. Investment expertise in stocks, foreign exchange, funds, real estate and other fields enables the fund to develop steadily and provide members with reliable income protection.

Once they become members of the foundation, they can not only participate in charity, but also enjoy income security and an improvement in life happiness. The fund’s unique model provides them with the opportunity to achieve both financial freedom and social responsibility. Under the challenge of the world financial crisis in 2008, the Sunflower Charitable Fund team relied on its excellent investment capabilities and project management capabilities to provide team members with strong income security through diversified investment projects without external assistance or government funding. . This is not only a support for charity, but also an improvement in the happiness of members’ lives.

Sunflower Charitable Fund leads the industry in financial innovation and achieves its own sustainable development through philanthropic financial venture capital. This innovative model not only brings economic benefits to members, but also provides a stable source of funds for the foundation’s philanthropic undertakings. Their participation can not only provide income security, but also contribute to charity and become part of the force that changes society and cares for others.

The Sunflower Charitable Foundation not only pays attention to the economic income of its members, but also pays attention to their mental health and social needs. The fund regularly holds various offline warm team activities, allowing members to have the opportunity to communicate with each other, learn from each other, support each other, and grow with each other. These activities include:

• Sunflower Public Welfare Science Lecture: Initiated by team builders, members are invited to participate in the event through offline meetings and dinner parties. The organizer explains the importance of the Sunflower Charity Foundation and its role in building society. an effective and clear role in its efforts for growth and development around the world through its ideas and concepts. The vision is to promote social development, respond to disasters, value education and protect the environment. The main goal is to spread kindness and help and support everyone to seek progress, make money and improve their financial situation.

• Sunflower Children’s Charity Project: focuses on children with cancer and is committed to using science to change the fate of patients. Members can participate in volunteer activities in science popularization, scientific research, and medical social work to provide help and support to childhood cancer patients and their families.

• Sunflower Charity Walk: aims to provide empowerment and growth opportunities for families with mental disabilities through healthy exercise. Members can contribute to public welfare undertakings through donation, charity groups, tree planting, etc., while also improving their physical and mental health.

These activities not only allow members to feel the warmth and care of the charity team, but also provide members with the opportunity to meet like-minded friends, act together and grow together.

Members of the Sunflower Charity Foundation not only enjoy the benefits and treatment of the charity team, but also assume a social responsibility. They are not only beneficiaries of philanthropy, but also promoters and practitioners of philanthropy, and have contributed to the development of the fund team.

They call on more people to join their team and work together to help more people and create a better future. The Sunflower Charitable Fund keeps pace with the times and provides members with income security and happiness in life. They go hand in hand to contribute to charity and fill the world with more love and warmth.