Queen Elizabeth finally ‘settles’ on plan for Prince Andrew’ royal status

Prince Andrew’s future in the Firm has finally been confirmed by Queen Elizabeth.

This news has been brought to light by royal commentator Duncan Larcombe, in his interview with GB News.

Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe brought this news forward, in an interview with GB News.

He was quoted saying, “I think for those who might have thought the Jubilee without Prince Andrew was a taste of the Royal family to come, they might be a bit surprised to hear that yes, he might be making another appearance.”

“He’s back. Prince Andrew is an issue that sort of won’t go away if I’m honest, and here we are talking about him yet again. “

“It’s very difficult because, I mean, what does the Queen actually do? She effectively sacked her son two years ago by removing him as a working member of the royal family. But that doesn’t mean he’s never going to appear again. He can’t just vanish. “

“So, unfortunately, I think stories like this are an inevitable part, really, of the rest of Prince Andrew’s life. Prince Andrew obviously had Covid during the Queen’s four-day Platinum Jubilee celebrations so it didn’t become an issue.”

“But he would have made the odd appearance. He would have been St Paul’s Cathedral when the rest of the family gathered without the Queen.”

“So, he would not have been invisible. So, really, the Order of the Garter, this is a sort of historic business of the Royal Family and it is significant as an event during the year.”

“This shows to us that the Queen is not going to completely banish the guy out of sight and out of mind. He has to still be in existence.”