Viz Flowics Addresses Wearable Technology Data Transport Challenge

Data is driving sports commentary and analysis in new ways. Fans love data and content creators are mining data sources for new ways to captivate fans. A current favorite in action sports? Data from wearable technology, such as smart watches and other performance trackers and the challenge for video content creators is figuring out how to get data from point A (the wearable) to point B (the production and things like HTML5 graphics).

Viz Flowics now can take data captured via wearables and then integrate it live into the broadcast production stream.

Insiders Data Connector is the latest addition to Viz Data Connectors, making Viz Flowics the first HTML5 graphics platform to seamlessly incorporate wearables data. The goal is to simplify the process of integrating external live data from different sources to graphics without the need for any custom data integration. The data flows securely from source via the connector into Viz Flowics in real-time to auto-populate the on-air graphics.

Additionally, Viz Data Connectors offers the most comprehensive catalog in the market of no-code links to live data sources, helping users rapidly turn around live graphics displaying information such as sports statistics, finance information, weather details, and now, wearables data. For production teams this means streamlined broadcast graphics creation and operation.

These sensors offer vital information on an athlete’s performance from heart rate to position, acceleration, timing, speed – information that is contained in the Insiders API. The new Insiders Data Connector helps sports content creators add another layer of data that matters to audiences in a fast, simple and efficient way.

Bringing fans closer to the action

Anyone doing sports analysis now has the advantage of data that can be used to identify and even replay critical moments in a race, such as a sprint finish or a dramatic change in the athlete’s heart rate.

The speed of the information relayed means this type of analysis can be done even during the race, while the post-race analysis can feature a more in-depth look at the data to compare performances among athletes, across races and even look at different timeframes.

By leveraging this type of technology, fans gain an even deeper understanding and insight into the performance levels of elite athletes via their wearables. And the more fans are engaged, the more likely they are to be a return viewer for broadcasters and content creators too.

This is a whole new level of information access – making for an even more intimate engagement with not just the sport, but also bringing them closer to their athletic idols. Additionally, it clues them in on strategy and tactics that they might want to use themselves to improve their performance.

Fans can track multiple athletes in real-time, receive alerts for significant moments, and compare their own metrics to those of the professionals. This gamification and social media engagement is a boost for fans engagement. Wearable technology is an invaluable tool not just for the athletes, but also for broadcasters.