WRAP | ‘Bitter spouse, pathological liar’ Gigaba refutes Norma’s testimony

On Norma’s statement about handing her devices to an IT expert and having it deleted because it could track that they were indeed at Saxonwold, along with photos and other evidence, and having her gadets removed from her by the Hawks and giving her passwords, Gigaba says he asked Norma to give prove of the IT expert.

He says around June 2020 there was no need for an IT expert to delete things from her phones and laptop. “This is a lie,” he says, adding that Norma doesn’t have a laptop. She has an iPad and Macbook.

He says Norma is a public person and all the things she is talking about are on her Instagram account.

The information that could be used to prove that Norma was at the Gupta’s residence should be on Gigaba’s phone too, he says.