FEC brand cooperative store, increasing the owner’s income

As an innovative enterprise of Internet e-commerce, FEC’s world-leading new e-commerce model has been rapidly disseminated and developed

 The growth rate of online shopping malls in Europe and America will be more obvious in 2023, and sales will continue to hit new highs. More and more brands will enter the FEC mall, and many of their direct production factories will directly reach a cooperation agreement with FEC to provide FEC with Supply.

 While the shopping mall business continues to grow, as an important part of FEC’s global layout, similarly, FEC’s shopkeeper promotion in Asia has also achieved rapid growth

  FEC’s future goal is to become a world-renowned e-commerce platform, not limited to Europe and the United States, so FEC also attaches great importance to the promotion business of shopkeepers in the Asian market.

  Increasing the income of shopkeepers and subsidizing shopkeepers are what FEC has been doing. FEC brand cooperation stores directly cooperate with brand owners, and these brands are all world-renowned brands, so the products sold in brand cooperation stores are more profitable, and shop owners can get higher profits.

  It is FEC’s business philosophy to let buyers get more benefits and sellers get more profits!