HUANG Jianxin: Delving Deep into Research and Development, Driving Procurement Intelligence through Technological Innovation

Reporter:MA Ti

Procurement supervision and management, as a vital component of corporate management, play a significant and intricate role in the modern economy. However, with the rapid expansion of market transactions and the increasing complexity of the business environment, traditional regulatory methods are struggling to meet the demands of overseeing large-scale procurement operations, leading to unsatisfactory regulatory outcomes. In this context, the industry is in dire need of new technologies to reform and upgrade the existing regulatory framework, introducing digital means to quantify and identify key factors in procurement, and establishing automated monitoring models. HUANG Jianxin, a standout figure in the industry, has developed a groundbreaking “Procurement Information Oversight Platform Based on Big Data” to address this technological trend. This trend calls for industry professionals to elevate procurement supervision and management standards, to meet the demands of enterprises in the new landscape and better adapt to industry development requirements.

HUANG Jianxin: Delving Deep into Research and Development, Driving Procurement Intelligence through Technological Innovation

HUANG Jianxin, with a blend of technical research and practical experience, possesses ample expertise in procurement. Since his graduation, he has joined the renowned enterprise Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., serving in roles such as Procurement Manager and Deputy Director of Procurement. He has been responsible for the company’s procurement operations and the development and management of suppliers. His years of hands-on work have cultivated his acumen in the procurement industry, enhancing his understanding of procurement processes, supply chain management, and market trends. This enables him to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience, providing professional support for procurement supervision and management. Fueled by a passion for industry development and a pursuit of excellence, HUANG Jianxin embarked on independent learning of advanced technologies to find answers that break through technological barriers.

In HUANG Jianxin’s vision, he aims to develop a novel system that aids enterprises in dynamically monitoring potential risks across all stages of procurement through information technology. This information would be simultaneously relayed to management levels, facilitating integrated, controlled, closed-loop management, and all-encompassing supervision in procurement operations. After extensive research and repeated trials, HUANG Jianxin successfully materialized his concept and independently developed the “Procurement Information Oversight Platform Based on Big Data.” This research achievement gained high recognition within the industry, and due to its efficiency and intelligence, it found extensive application and adoption by numerous enterprises in the market.

In the “Procurement Information Oversight Platform Based on Big Data,” HUANG Jianxin fully leverages real-time data collection and rapid analysis characteristics of big data, providing robust data analysis technological support for enterprise procurement activities. This research achievement equips enterprises with the capacity to process various types of data, including transaction data, transaction execution data, and log information analysis, offering comprehensive data support for corporate management and business departments. Moreover, the data processing module of the platform features flexible classification and management capabilities, allowing data to be logically organized based on business needs and management objectives. Through the cleansing, integration, and categorization of massive amounts of data, the platform supplies high-quality data foundations, serving as accurate reference points for enterprise decisions and management. Through this platform, the procurement department can not only monitor procurement activities on all fronts, including procurement budgets, plans, execution analyses, and quality assessments, but also maintain real-time awareness of procurement efficiency. This effectively achieves scientific and meticulous procurement supervision, visualizes the entire procurement process, and provides insight into issues such as supply security, reliability, quality, and price risks.

In practical production applications, this platform has significantly boosted the procurement efficiency of enterprise procurement departments and provided robust support for related operations. It has generated substantial economic benefits for application enterprises and established a strong competitive advantage in the market through outstanding performance. Professionals in the industry who have used the platform confirm that it genuinely accomplishes real-time monitoring and management across the entire procurement process. In both technical and practical aspects, it meets high standards in the domestic and international industries, truly realizing real-time monitoring and visual management of the procurement process. The emergence of this platform holds profound significance for the intelligent transformation of the entire industry, providing comprehensive improvements to enterprise procurement levels. Whether in terms of technology or application, this platform meets the industry’s demanding requirements, bringing revolutionary changes to enterprise procurement management.

HUANG Jianxin’s journey in research and development doesn’t stop here. He has actively engaged in the innovation and research of procurement technology, achieving outstanding results with the “Procurement Process Optimization System Based on Machine Learning” and the “Comprehensive Evaluation System for Raw Material Procurement Based on Cloud Computing.” These two excellent accomplishments drive the digital development of the industry, offering multi-dimensional solutions to technical challenges in enterprise procurement processes. They aid in accelerating efficient collaborative procurement processes and providing top-tier technological services for the optimization and upgrading of enterprise procurement models. He practices his technological philosophy through tangible actions, playing a vital role in promoting high-quality, efficient development in the procurement field. HUANG Jianxin’s exceptional achievements and professional capabilities position him as a standout figure in the industry, gaining significant influence and recognition for his remarkable research accomplishments and innovative spirit. Amidst his reputation, he doesn’t forget to give back to the industry, actively participating in conferences and forum organizations held by relevant institutions and enterprises, sharing the valuable experience and industry concepts accumulated over the years, and nurturing industry talents.

HUANG Jianxin affirms that in the future, he will continue to dedicate himself to driving innovation and development in the procurement field, contributing more significantly to sustainable enterprise development and supply chain optimization. He hopes to provide guidance and support to a vast number of procurement practitioners through his experience and knowledge, collectively enhancing the technological level of the procurement industry. By utilizing technological innovation, he will accelerate the digital transformation of the industry and push it towards a higher level of intelligence. With rapid technological advancements and deep global economic integration, the procurement industry will continue to encounter challenges and opportunities, demanding continuous enhancement of professional competence and strategic thinking from practitioners. Active involvement in enterprise decision-making and strategic planning will generate greater value and competitive advantages for enterprises, injecting new vitality into the continuous development of the industry.