Maradona’s digital legacy: family members of the great football player announced the issuance of his digital collection

Recently, family members of Diego Maradona, the legendary football star from Argentina, announced through Sattvica, his business management agency, that Maradona NFT digital artwork would be officially issued. The classic figure of the great football player will be permanently kept and saved to commemorate this excellent football athlete. The authorization of the issuance of NFT digital artwork is reported to be a historic first by the agency.

Diego Maradona was one of the greatest players in the 20th century and across the football history. His talent, skill and passion made him a super idol for a generation. Many football fans from Argentina and Italy regarded him as a miracle. To some extent, Maradona was beyond an athlete, but a cultural symbol, a legend at the football pitch and a sign of global heroism. Although the great football player has died, the fever, worship, and celebration about him never fade. Fans believe that Maradona’s spirit will stay with them forever.

Maradona’s family members also believe that he stays with them forever. Early this year, Maradona’s sisters set up the Maradona Association in Argentina. The association intended to fulfil his commitment to charity and spread his spirit to global fans through a series of activities. Currently, Maradona’s sister Rita Mabel Maradona is leading the work of the association. As an important part of the association’s brand, a series of NFT artworks were created by independent artists, who were commissioned by Rita. As the artists were inspired by the classic figure and glory times of Maradona, this series of NFT was named “the Golden Times”.

Maradona Golden Times NFTs are issued through BNB Chain technical platform. With the help of blockchain technology, the digital assets can be saved forever. For Maradona’s family members and the fans, this permanently saved NFTs symbolize Maradona’s enduring spirit wealth.

NFT artworks are digital assets based on the blockchain technology. They are special because each NFT has a unique identification that is inseverable. The emergence of NFT has revolutionized the art industry and artists can now show their work through a brand-new way. In the sports field, many football stars have jumped on this bandwagon by issuing their own NFT. Many young people enjoy NFTs very much.

Although the issuance of NFT was authorized by the business management agency, after the issuance, it is the Web3 community, under the management of the Maradona Association, that has the ownership of the artworks. Web3 community aims to become a global spirit home for Maradona’s fans. NFT owners are endowed with status and many priorities, such as the priority to participate the Maradona Charity Cup, the participation right to attend offline community activities and other potential rights and interests.

The offering of NFT is just a small part of the work done by the Maradona association. As for the planning of digital technologies, the association aims to create an immersive 3D world in the future and build a Maradona Metaverse Museum where NFT digital artworks can be exhibited.

The creation of Maradona Golden Time NFT artworks brings a novel cultural experience for fans. It uses digital innovations to commemorate the great football player. The Golden Times series artworks will only issue 100, 000 pieces. Compared to Maradona’s fans base, such offering quantity is quite limited and rare. It is unknown whether other series of NFTs will be issued in the future.