Navigating Public Welfare and Charity: Sunflower Charity Foundation’s Excellent Leadership Team and Strategic Vision

Sunflower Charity Fund, an international charitable organization that combines modern public welfare and financial venture capital to bring hope and change to the poor and disaster-stricken people around the world, was established in 2006 to carry out non-profit charity work in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East . SCT’s vision is “charity builds a social community”, its mission is “to stay true to our original intention, to spread positive energy, so that everyone in the world can create a better life in the face of adversity!”, and its value is “to help others, Self-improvement first.” SCT adopts the development strategy of combining innovative modern public welfare and financial venture capital, and realizes the accumulation of charitable capital through investment in capital markets such as stocks, foreign exchange, funds, real estate and other Internet + real economy investments, and develops and progresses with the times.

SCT has a professional and efficient leadership team and executive team consisting of tens of thousands of people. These include:

Founder: Mr. Ryan Ma, Master of National University of Singapore, guest speaker at World Investment Expo, London Business School and London Stock Exchange Seminar, personal donation of more than 100 million.

CEO: Mr. Mo Zhiyong (Bok Chee Yong), Master of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Hull, UK, worked for KPMG, CIMB and other well-known financial consulting companies and financial institutions, responsible for the company’s Business development in Asia and Africa.

Legal representative: Ms. Karida Karida, Bachelor of Laws, University of Malaya, once served as the legal director of PB Trustee Services Berhad, and a number of well-known companies have specially hired legal counsel.

Analyst team: It is composed of seven senior financial analysts, all of whom have rich investment experience and project management experience, and have excellent performance and reputation in the fields of stocks, foreign exchange, funds, and real estate. They provide SCT with professional investment signal guidance and risk management services.

Dream mentor team: consists of seven dream mentors, all of whom are experts and leaders in their respective fields, and have rich experience and influence in sales, marketing, management training, corporate strategy, public welfare and charity. They provide SCT with high-quality training and consulting services to help SCT members improve their capabilities and influence.

In the past ten years, SCT has been adhering to the philanthropic philosophy in four fields, and has carried out a series of philanthropic work around the world. These include:

• Disaster and Relief: Created a new Development and Relief Service (DRS) focused on building resilience in disaster-affected areas by providing food security, improving access to livelihood options, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). We have established emergency response stations, so that when natural disasters occur, we can respond immediately and invest in rescue work.

•Environment and protection: in countries and regions with severe desertification, organize tree planting for environmental protection, and public welfare relay strategies to help people in desert areas solve greening problems, and at the same time use the power of organizing people to develop desert oases. At the same time, build water wells in arid areas to solve the problem of drinking water for the people in desert areas.

•Education and growth: It is expected to build 1,000 Hope Charity Schools to support children in remote and barren areas to learn knowledge, “knowledge changes destiny”!

In the next five years, SCT will continue to uphold the value of “self-improvement before helping others”, and bring hope and change to the poor and disaster-stricken people around the world through the combination of modern public welfare and financial venture capital. The SCT will work to:

• Expand the field of charity to cover more countries and regions in need of help. SCT will formulate reasonable charity projects and plans based on the actual situation and needs around the world to solve various problems and difficulties faced by local people. SCT will establish good cooperative relations with local governments, social organizations, volunteer groups, etc. to jointly promote the development of charity.

• Improve charity efficiency, optimize charity processes, and improve charity quality. SCT will use modern technology and management methods to improve the efficiency and transparency of all aspects of charity fund-raising, distribution, supervision, and evaluation. SCT will regularly release charity reports and financial reports to publicly demonstrate SCT’s charitable achievements and operations to the society. SCT will continue to improve its own rules and regulations and internal control mechanism to ensure the safety and legitimacy of charitable funds.

•Enhance the charitable influence and strengthen cooperation and communication with the government, society, media and other parties. SCT will actively participate in international and regional charitable organizations and activities, exchange learning and share experiences with other outstanding charitable organizations, and jointly improve the level and reputation of the charitable industry. SCT will take the initiative to maintain good communication and coordination with the government, society, media and other parties, reflect the work situation and needs of SCT in a timely manner, and strive for more support and understanding.

• Cultivate charitable talents, provide more training and development opportunities, and inspire more love and creativity. SCT will attach importance to the training and development of its own members and external partners, provide more opportunities for learning and growth, and improve their professionalism and charity awareness. SCT will regularly hold various training, seminars, exchanges, sharing and other activities, inviting SCT’s analyst team and dream mentor team, as well as experts and leaders from other industries to share their knowledge and experience, and stimulate the love and creativity of SCT members.​

In the next five years, SCT will bring hope and change to the poor and disaster-stricken people around the world with greater determination and stronger confidence. SCT will inject new vitality and impetus into philanthropy through the combination of modern public welfare and financial venture capital. SCT will set a new benchmark and model for philanthropy with the value of “to help others, first to strengthen oneself”.

SCT welcomes all those who are interested in philanthropy to join our team. Whether you are an ordinary worker or an entrepreneur, you can enjoy the benefits and treatment of SCT and take on a responsibility. Becoming a member of SCT means you join the ranks of philanthropy. You need to do what you can to contribute to charity. At the same time, you also need to make due contributions to the development of the SCT team. Our team needs to grow, let more people join us and help more people!

The Sunflower Charity Foundation looks forward to working with you to bring hope and change to the poor and disaster-stricken people around the world with love and actions! Let us work together to build a social community with charity!