Politics latest: UK ‘to up payments to France’ as part of new migrant deal; Sunak reveals war strategy as he heads to Putin-less G20 | Politics News

Rishi Sunak is heading to Indonesia for the G20 summit.

He will be meeting world leaders – although Russian President Vladimir Putin is not going, with his foreign minister Sergei Lavrov making the trip instead.

Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Sunak set out five things the UK and the world can do to try to mitigate the economic impacts of Russia’s invasion and “restore economic stability”.

His first point is to “keep delivering urgent support” to Ukraine – especially with winter coming and as their national infrastructure gets targeted.

Secondly, Mr Sunak wants to end “Russia’s appalling weaponisation of food”, adding that he is supporting the UN in trying to get food out of the Black Sea, and also encouraging other nations to release stockpiles.

The prime minister’s third point is to “take urgent action to protect our economic security and bolster our resilience against malign actors”. This would include securing supply chains and transitioning to be less dependent on energy “from countries like Russia”.

Fourth, Mr Sunak says the UK “must remain utterly committed to the promotion of free markets and an open global economy” – saying he wants to utilise “our Brexit freedoms” to negotiate new trade deals.

And finally, Mr Sunak says the UK must work with other countries, the private sector and international finance to provide “financial stability and probity” – adding that those creating debt traps in emerging economies should be called out.

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